Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So, what's going on?

Today is post #1,750. I distinctly remember Post #300, because it felt like such a mile-stone. I didn't even write it! There are now over five times that many posts, and it's been over three years since the date of Post #300. Since I started keeping track, there have been almost 50,000 hits on the blog. It's all numbers, and really probably meaningless, but I still find it interesting.

I read a blog post today by a minister who lives on the Gulf Coast. She asked the question, "So, what's going on?" Then she made a list. Thanks to St. Casserole for the idea.

So, what's going on?

Preparing for Annual Conference
Getting ready to leave for a Cruise to Alaska
End of school is soon
About to mail an Emmaus newsletter (once the tape, stamps and labels are done)
Washing clothes
Reading a JD Robb book
Listening to the dog snore
Praying for Linda and Theo
On vacation next week -- getting ready this week
Finishing a Commission Possible II brochure
Trying to get ahead with Disciple reading
Missing Steve, who is going to Lewisburg tonight
Celebrating the accomplishments of G and J
Ready for it to stop raining

as well as

Grateful for my family
Celebrating my friends
Enjoying my work
Learning to take better pictures
Knitting a shawl



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