Sunday, May 09, 2010

Grace from a distance

In my other blog-life, I blog about knitting. I don't keep up on that one anything like I blog on this site; I blog on this blog every day because my knitting blog teaches me how often I will blog if I have not discipline about it - not very often.

Because I blog about knitting, I also read knitting blogs. One of the ones I follow is called Mason Dixon Knitting. It is a blog written by two women -- one in New York and the other in Tennessee. They write the blog as if they are writing letters to each other (with a thousand or so people eavesdropping. In her recent post, Ann, who lives in Nashville, was talking about helping out a friend clean up her house after the recent flood. She learned a few things. One of them was this:

The churches are HUGE in the cleanup effort here. A shout out to First Baptist Church for the cute retired couple who came by with a wheelbarrow full of granola bars and water. The United Methodists handed out five-gallon buckets loaded with everything from face masks to clothesline and clothespins. Grace Church of the Nazarene is having the neighborhood over Saturday night for spaghetti. The parade of kind people was inspiring.
I was glad the United Methodists were out, helping with flood buckets. If you have the opportunity to help "build" flood buckets or any of the care packages that UMCOR distributes, it's a terrific way to help. You can find out how to do it here, if you don't already know.

What we do in the name of Christ echoes. We may not know where the grace will go, or what effect it will have, but God does. Give, and trust that God will use your service to reach others.



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