Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Open Doors. As United Methodists, we say we have them.
My son's bedroom door is having a problem. It sticks. It's very difficult to completely close. It is, in effect, a none-functioning door. Steve finally gave in to the frustration and attacked it with a screwdriver.

Nevertheless, we ignored the problem for a while. We would look at it, try to shut it, talk about it, but we really didn't do anything to fix it.

Do we do that in church? Do we recognize a problem and then choose to ignore it? Do we wonder why the problem exists, but not move beyond the wondering? Do we talk alot about the problem, knowing that we need to fix it, planning ways to overcome it, but never taking any action?

Are our doors open? Really? Or do we have broken doors that we haven't taken any action to fix?

Image: Dogwood just moving from fallen flower to soon-to-be fruit.



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