Monday, May 10, 2010

Why Reach Out

I was part of a meeting today where we were talking about reaching out to young people. How do we do that? What technique do we use to reach 25 year olds?

I think a better question might be WHY. Why do we think we need to focus on 18-25 year olds? there are lots of older people out there, too. Why try to reach such a difficult crowd?

The reason that bothers me the most is that we need to do this in order to increase our church membership number and lower our average age. Those aren't good enough reasons. That aren't really good reasons at all.

We need to reach out to younger people because we are called to reach out to others for Christ. we are called to reach out to others in love. We are called to bring Christ to other people, because they need to hear the story. They need to know they are loved. And we know that they are.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would we not include the youth in a "contemporary" service? I felt shut down.

5:26 PM  

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