Thursday, May 13, 2010

Believe it

I heard a story this week of a woman who is very much afraid that she will go to hell when she dies. She worries about it daily; prays about it daily.

At the same time I heard the story, I was reading Romans and Galatians. If Paul believed anything, if he wanted us to understand anything, it seems to me that he would want us to know that we are justified by faith. Our faith in God brings us into right relationship with God, and then God's grace helps us to grow toward perfection (sanctification - holiness).

It's not something we do. It's not based on how good we are. It's all God's action. All we need to do is to have faith. Believe. Trust.

You are loved by a God who would die for you. He will not leave you alone. You are his child, and he will bring you to where he is. He is the way, the truth and the life

Believe it.

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Blogger bob said...

I wonder if her constant praying is a sign of faith or lack there of.

4:39 AM  

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