Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Camera ready

I working on understanding how to use our camera. This means I am reading about apeture and f-stops, time value and reciprocity. It's really interesting, and I hope it makes me a better photographer.

Studying how our camera works is not going to make pictures appear before me. It won't make the sun rise or rainbows cross the sky. It won't cause flowers to bloom in a place I can easily reach them, and it won't pause my son in mid air as he flies across a hurdle. Knowledge about how a camera works won't do any of those things.

So why do I bother?

If I understand the instrument, then when the sun does rise and the rainbow appears in the sky, I will be prepared. I will have our camera at the ready, and I will be able to pull it out and capture the glory that is right in front of me.

Taking the analogy a bit further -- all of our study and bible reading and preparation won't make Christ appear in front of us. It will, however, prepare us to receive the blessings of his presence.



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