Monday, July 11, 2016

The Open Door

A friend told me that when the Chapel at Drew Theological School was being renovated, a search in the facility was made for wood that could be re-purposed. Heavy doors were found on site that had been used to make the chapel smaller when necessary. Not being used often, they were stored away. When they were found, that were repurposed to craft a cross and the communion table.

I love that - the communion table is made from a door.

We, as United Methodists have open doors and an open communion table.

Do we live up to that? Do we open our churches to those Christ welcomes to his table? Are we inclusive or exclusive? Have we opened our hearts to accept all who Christ calls us to welcome. The table is open. Are we?

In John, Christ uses several I Am statements to describe his purpose and his connection to God. I Am the way, the truth, the life, living water, the bread of life, the gate.

Could is be that Christ is also the open door? And shouldn't we be likewise?



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