Friday, July 01, 2016

Child-like Faith: Forgive

When Peter asked Jesus how many times he should forgive someone, he thought he was being generous by offering to forgive seven times. I imagine he was surprised when Jesus responded  seventy times seven. In the story of the person who is forgiven an almost immeasurable amount, we find a person who turns around and can't forgive a comparatively small amount.

Why is it that we, a people who have been forgiven much, are reluctant to forgive? 

Is it that we savor the feeling of being "right?" Do we enjoy the superiority of being in the position of being able to forgive someone? Do we think forgiveness makes us appear weak? Needy? Are we afraid that if we forgive, we will be condoning the wrong? Or are we afraid that if we forgive, we will be vulnerable to the hurt of being wronged again? Can we not bring ourselves to the brink of letting go of how terrible the wrong done to us was?

I think it is all of these reasons - and more.

We are called to a child-like faith. What does a child do? Is a child innocent enough to forgive and move on? To even, at times, to trust again?

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