Friday, June 24, 2016

Child-like Faith: Trust Others Unless...

Finding a child-like faith: Trust others unless....

This hint for having a child-like faith is fourth on the list. It surprises me, because it sounds cynical. Trust others unless -- is there a presupposition there that there will be an "unless?" Let's trust others until the inevitable happens, and our expectation of disappointment is met?

Or maybe that's my own cynical nature coming out.

Perhaps loving our neighbors includes trusting them - includes starting with the idea that they are trustworthy rather than approaching a relationship with the idea that someone needs to earn our trust.

The other day, a person called me at work. He was looking for funds for a project he was associated with in town. He was a friendly person, but he wouldn't tell our administrative assistant what he was calling about - he said it was a "personal matter" and he needed to talk to the Director. Our Executive Director was on the road, so she transferred the call to me. My suspicions were high when I started the conversation, and when he asked somewhat personal questions (such as: where do you live, and when did you graduate from college), I didn't want to answer. He was trying have a conversation, and I, who am in the relationship business, was wary. It felt very awkward.

I hadn't started with the "trust others unless..." place, whether right or wrong.

We are suspicious by nature, and perhaps a child-like faith calls us to be trusting by nature.

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