Friday, June 17, 2016

Child-like Faith: Find Pleasure in simple things

Continuing the series of Finding a child-like faith: Find pleasure in simple things.

Do you think that much of our lives is centered around the "big things?" Haven't you seen the demonstration where the speaker places large rocks in a jar, then adds the next smaller size, then the next smaller, and at the end, adds all of the gravel, filing the jar? Not all of the rocks will fit in the jar if he starts with the small things and works his way to the larger ones.  It's a lesson in priorities - find time for the higher priority items in your life first, and then the rest will follow. 

It's a good lesson, and I agree with it, but does it create in us a sense of urgency to complete the big tasks right away, and forget about the small pleasures?

Do we take time for the small things?

The child telling a story, the spouse talking about the day, the sunset, the hobby that brings pleasure - are these small things? Probably not, but they do get lost in the rush of the day.

Perhaps finding pleasure in the simple things meaning opening our eyes to what is around us instead of being so focused on what we are doing. 

And why does that bring us faith? If I rush past the child, I miss God at work in the life of a new creation. If I ignore the spouse, I miss the love of God in this gifted relationship. If I pass up the sunset, I miss the beauty of God at work. If I ignore the simple pleasure of free time, I miss time with God. 

Find pleasure in the simple things.



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