Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Child-Like Faith: Believe without seeing

Believe without seeing.

How easy it is to see this in a child. A child believes in God, with an enviable certainty. As we grow, we become jaded and cynical. Our trust is betrayed by those we believe, we are taught to believe what we have the evidence to prove. We have to live like that in order to survive; we can't believe without seeing, or we'll be falling for every scam that presents itself. We would be hurt countless times as we believe those we cannot and should not trust.

But in all of that, do we forget to trust God? Do we get so jaded, that we lose the certainty of our faith?

I'm not talking about turning off our brains and believing without critical study. We are called to explore our faith, to reach our own conclusions about the scriptures and those who preach about it. We are called to give all we have, including our questions and our doubts, to God. I'm talking about the child-like trust in God that we seem to lose.

When we say, "thy will be done," do we mean it? Do we believe that God has the best in mind for us? Can we trust God to do his will, and that we will not be a sacrifice in the process? Do we trust that we are loved by our creator? Do we have the faith to believe that? Without seeing it?

Believe without seeing.

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