Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day Two

In the book Rising Strong, Brene Brown talks about a certification program for those who want to facilitate her work called the Daring Way.  Day Two of the Daring Way is difficult. It is the middle space for the process, and during day two, you are in the dark - the door has closed behind you, and yet you are not yet close enough to the door to which you are heading to see the light. If you want to make it to the goal, you can't skip Day Two.

Day Two is the point of no return, it is the point at which the die is cast.  You are in the dark and there is no turning back.

It's the struggle.  It's the hard work between where we start and where we are going. Nobody wants to be in the dark in-between. The Israelites were in Day Two after they left Egypt and before the reached the Promised Land.  Most of them wanted to turn back - in fact, we often talk in churches about the Back to Egypt committee. Day Two is the wilderness.

The wilderness is the place where our only hope of change comes from the anticipation of where we think we are going. 

In your life, what is your promised land? Are you so afraid of the wilderness that you won't risk it, even with the hope of the promised land? In your church, what is your promised land? Will you risk the dark times, that you can't avoid, to get there?

What promised land is God calling us to reach, even knowing that we have to cross through the wilderness to reach it? Will you trust God enough to hold your hand in the dark while you struggle?

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