Wednesday, May 18, 2016

On my mind

I wrote the following post on December 18 of last year. I didn't post it - not for any reason except that I wasn't posting anything for a while.  I looked at it today to see if it could be updated or used.  I decided that updating it would be impossible - it's filled with references to specific events in time. I decided to post it anyway, because I think the question at the end is timeless.

What is on my mind today?

I read about the president of a major Christian university speaking about using guns to stop the Muslims before they get here.  I read about Trump's frightening thoughts about discrimination and hatred toward Muslims.  I see Facebook posts from Franklin Graham that stir up hatred toward Muslims.  This is all on my mind.

Christ shared a radical love with us.  It is a love that does not leave room for racism or hatred of other individuals or groups of people. It is a love that does not leave room for the violent action proposed by Jerry Falwell, Jr.  The words of these so-called Christians (although I don't know if Trump calls himself Christian or not) are not Christian. They are not like Christ.

What's on my mind today?  How do we respond to people in a Christ-like manner, because that is what we are called to do.

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Blogger bob said...

As a leader of people religious or governmental the question becomes more difficult. Leaders must often act in ways that run counter to how an individual would act to protect the people they serve. I think that Europe is seeing the fruits of ignoring the danger that is Islam and welcoming it in to their countries. Thirty years from now Europe will be unrecognizable, where Islam enters in things change and not for the better.
So how does what Ive just said relate to your question? I think that as a follower of Christ we should treat every person we encounter with grace and love. While hoping our leaders make sure that America is not over run by an ideology of hate and intolerance.

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