Monday, May 23, 2016


Have you ever thought of the word "blessed?" Have you ever said, "I am so blessed?" What are your blessings?

We were having this discussion in Sunday school, and someone said, "I am conflicted by the idea that all that I have is a blessing from God when there are so many who have nothing. Why would I consider my home, my job, my belongs to be blessings? If they are, then why would God bless me and not the child who is hungry?"

There are many possible answers to that question. For me, I think it comes down to how we define "blessing" - what is a gift from God? Is it our house? Or is it our desire to share what we have so that the hungry child has food? Is it the material items that we have, or is it the gifts we have been given to do the work of God? The desire to do the work of God? 

If I win the lottery, is it a blessing or a curse? I think there is evidence to support either statement, but what I actually believe is that it is neither. The blessing from God is that I can be led to use the winnings in a way that is good and not evil.

And that's a blessing that God shares with all of us.



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