Friday, May 20, 2016

Give us Today our Daily Bread

"Give us today our daily bread."

I love bread. I'm watching what I eat now, so I eat less of it, but I still eat bread.  I can't imagine what meals would be like without bread. Because I'm eating less of it, it tastes better. It means more. I enjoy it more.

I think when I pray "give us today our daily bread," I'm not talking about actual bread. I praying that God will provide what I need - what we need - for life. Just as bread seems to be part of the heart of my meals, the bread of life is what enriches and defines life itself.

What is our daily bread? God's presence, the love of friends and family, purpose, good health, strength, self-worth. These are what create life. Give us all today our daily bread.

And notice the word US. What can we do to provide others with their daily bread? Maybe it is actual bread. Maybe it is compassion or grace. Maybe it is respect. Maybe it is being the face of Jesus, just for today, for that person.

Give us all today our daily bread.

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