Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Throwing Away our Failures

Our church has a Sunday evening worship service called Blueprint Worship.  In it, we explore different kinds of worship. One night last year, during Advent, we had prayer stations.

At each station, there was a different activity - different prayers, different thoughts to consider.  One of them was a nativity scene. We were asked to read the nativity scriptures, contemplate the nativity scene, and then use scissors, pens/crayons and paper to craft ourselves and place ourselves in the scene. 

My first crafty attempt didn't go so well, so I did it over.  After I finished, I gathered my scraps of paper, and headed to find a trash can.  I passed our associate pastor and said, "These are my failures. I'm going to go throw them away." I meant it as a joke, but God struck me with how profound the sentence was.

These are my failures; I'm throwing them away.  

We should do what I did with paper and scissors that night.  See our failures.  Learn from them.  And then throw them away in God's grace.

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