Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Two things collided in my mind this past weekend.  First, I participated (as a student) and co-taught a class about Prayer at our District Leadership training event.  It was a great class (I can say as a student), and I imagine there will be more posts that spring up from it.  Secondly, I preached at First UMC in Barboursville this past Sunday (also, more posts to follow).

In the prayer class, the Lord's Prayer was mentioned often.  The first words of the Lord's Prayer are "Our Father."  When translated into Greek, the word is Abba.  It is best heard by us as Daddy.

After worship on Sunday, a very young child came running into the Sanctuary and with the most delight and joy imaginable, yelled, "Daddy!"

Could it be that we could pray with the enthusiasm of this young child, so grateful to be reunited with Daddy?



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