Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bringing Light and Life

A couple of phrases stuck with me from the Church Leaders conference:

  • Do you bring life into a room when you enter it?
  • Are you excited to be in your church?

So often we don't ask those questions.  And if we do, it's in a self-centered way.  We ask these questions:

  • Why don't I feel as if I'm nurtured by my church?  I don't "get anything" out of worship.
  • Why doesn't my church excite me?

We forget, I think, that our apathetic attitude has its own "ministry."  Does your church not bring life into your spiritual journey?  Why aren't you bringing life to someone else in church (or outside of it)?  Not excited by church?  Why aren't you bringing excitement to your church?

How can we change our viewpoint and stop seeing church as something that feeds us and see it instead as something we bring light to?



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