Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Who will betray him?

John 13:21-38

Jesus ate one last meal with them.
He said, "One of you will betray me."
He risked telling them the truth,
as he always had.

Sounds at the table stopped.
The shuffling, the rasp of hand on beard,
the wash of drink clearing away the dirt.
Silence fell for a moment
as hearts stopped
and minds raced.

Guilt and sin rose with the thought.
Is it me?
Will I betray him?
After a moment, in the heat of the night
uncomfortable in their doubt of themselves,
the disciples began whispering,
until the brave (or brazen) Peter urged John to ask,
"Who is it, Lord?"

Jesus fed Judas the bread
and sent him on his way.
Communion with the betrayer.

If they had known what it meant
there might have been
a released sigh,
a quiet breath,
a prayer of gratitude
that Jesus hadn't given them the bread.

But Jesus wasn't finished, not quite yet.
Love one another.
Feed and care for one another.
Peter swore to lay his life down for Jesus,
and Jesus once again spoke the truth,
as he always does,
and said, "You will betray me.
Three times before the cock crows."

The words must have echoed in Peters mind
mingled with the denial,
and the guilt.
I am the one who will betray him.
I am the one.

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