Thursday, April 02, 2015

I will remember

He took the cup,

held it up,
and gave thanks to his father for this gift.
Take this, share it,
and remember me.

I will remember you.
I will remember
The flow of water as you were baptized
The flight of the dove as God declared,
this is my son.
Wine, where water had been.
You, quieting the storm,
and walking on the water.
The tears at Lazarus's grave.

I will remember
The sweat and tears dropping like blood
as you prayed that the cup would pass.
The blood draining from wounds
caused by fear, anger, torture and sin.
The vinegar on hyssop
and the watery sun that stopped shining
when you died.

I will remember
My sins are washed clean.
The taste of the wine at the meal
at your invitation.
The life and light flowing through me
because of your love.
I will remember.

He took the loaf of bread
held it up,
gave thanks to his father for the gift
Take this, share it,
and remember me.

I will remember you.
I will remember
The prophetic gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
You fed thousands of people with five loaves and two fish
and baskets left over.
You healed the sick,
loved the lost,
extended God's grace
even to the sinner.
I will remember the stones that were dropped
and not cast.

I will remember
The bread you fed Judas
who would betray you.
The lash of the whip.
The jab of the crown.
The strike of the hammer on the nails
into your flesh.
The stone rolled away
and the empty tomb.
The bread lifted and blessed at Emmaus
and eyes opened.
I will remember.

I will remember
I am part of the Body of Christ.
The taste of the bread shared with others.
The towel offered in service,
the blanket to be shared.
The feel of the ground beneath my knees.
I will remember.

Remember me, Jesus,
when you come into your kingdom.
I thank God that I can remember you.
I will remember you.

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