Monday, April 06, 2015


What is a leader?  I've often found that some people see a leader in a church as a person who holds a
particular office - the Lay Leader, the chair of the Church Council, the pastor.  While these are leadership positions, it doesn't always necessarily follow that the people holding the positions are good leaders.  By the same token, there can be church leaders who hold no position in the church.

Leadership isn't about position; it's about influence (from a Church Leaders seminar I attended a few weeks ago).  Everybody has influence, in one way or another.  How are you using your influence?  Where are you leading people?  When you walk into a room, do you bring life or do you take it?  Do you lead people in the direction that Christ wants them to go?

Whether you realize it or not and whether you agree with it or not, you are a leader, and you will be leading people somewhere.  To deny this doesn't remove you from the position of leadership; it just defines what kind of leader you will be.

What kind of leader WILL you be?  Where will you lead people?  Is it in God's direction or not?

Will you bring life or take life from a room?



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