Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How large is God's love?

How large is God's love?
Its reach is to the heavens.
And it touches my soul.
The distance between the the stars
is nothing compared to the breadth
of God's love.

How strong is God's love?
God is more faithful than the sun,
more predictable than its rising and falling.
God's loyalty to those he has created
is more certain than the rain from the clouds.

How righteous is God?
The strength of his goodness is as firm as the mountains
Granite, bedrock, solid under our existence.

How just is God?
His judgment is as deep as the ocean,
probing into truth,
weighing feathers,
but granting grace so that
all of God's creation is saved.

God's children fail to comprehend
the goodness of God's mercy
and the completeness of God's love.
We can take refuge in God's presence,
secure under the shadow of God's wing.
We can find our fill,
even in our emptiness,
at God's table.
Abundance we can't even imagine.
Living water.
Life-giving light.

We pray that God's steadfast love will continue
even when we can't understand it,
even when we fail to comprehend its limitlessness.
We pray for salvation
even when we haven't earned it,
and we rest in the grace of God's love.

Inspired by Psalm 36:5-10

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