Monday, April 13, 2015

Leaders Who Bring Excitement

As I still consider thoughts from the conference I attended about Growing Church leaders, I offer this idea:  a church that is growing has energy, momentum, and excitement.  How do you reach that point in a church?  Have you ever felt that your church doesn't have those characteristics?  What are we really saying when we say a church is lacking energy?  We are saying that the people who are the church are lacking energy, momentum and excitement.  Do we too often detach the characteristics of the church from the characteristics of the people?

How can we foster the kind of enthusiasm in the people that is reflected in the church and the work of the church?

The conference suggested that leadership development can do that, and they may be right.  I know that when I am working in the church on projects that excite me, the excitement is contagious.  And fostering that kind of excitement probably means developing leaders who give of themselves for the work of the church.  Here are their suggestions for doing that, in a nutshell:

  • What do we need?  Lots of leaders in lots of different roles
  • Why to we need it?  Leaders have a higher investment in the work, an increased excitement. We are providing them an environment to use their gifts.
  • When do we start to do it?  Now.  Consider the cost if you do not.  You may have to stop doing some other things, but it seems like it would be worth it.
  • Where do we find leaders?  Inside and outside your church. Don't forget children, youth, and young adults.  Think long term, not short term.

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