Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The Friday Five question at RevGalBlogPals was about disciplines.  The question is this:  Please share with us five spiritual practices or disciplines from your experience. They can be ones that you have tried and kept up with, tried and NOT kept up with, ones that you flirt with at various times, or even practices that you have tried and found are definitely NOT your cup of tea. Let us know what's worked for you...and not.

  1. Prayer -- I would like to say I do my best, but I know that I do not.  Setting time aside for prayer is helpful to me, but I don't do it often enough.  When I worked in Huntington, I could go by our church at lunch and spend time in the sanctuary if I needed focused time for prayer.  Now, in Charleston, I'll walk downstairs to the chapel.  Time set apart almost always helps.
  2. Writing -- I write things down.  I take notes in sermons, I take notes when I read, I blog.  What helps me the most is to do it with a consistent pattern.  I blog every day.  If I didn't, I might not blog at all.
  3. Fasting -- I've done this.  I've done it most consistently with the Youth group for a 30 hour fast to raise money for and awareness of hunger.  I've also spent time fasting in preparation for a spiritual event.  I don't do it very often any more.  I do like it, in moderation.  I know one woman who has fasted for 40 days.  Eek.
  4. Reading / Study -- When I took the Disciple class last night, I attempted a discipline of reading and study.  I love it, and miss it when I don't do it.
  5. Worship -- Again, regularity is ultra-important.  I worship even when I don't feel like it.  I do think worship can take many forms, but while I don't think community is absolutely required, I think it is important.



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