Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thoughts about Jesus's time in the wilderness

Thoughts about the YouTube video I posted a few days ago:

What did Jesus do in the wilderness? What did he learn? Did he see the wonder of God in creation? Was he lonely? Did he find joy? Was he eagerly anticipating the end of the 40 days or was he sorry to see it over?

Did you notice in the video that evil was red – the snake, for example, amid the black and white drawings? Did you notice that the angels were yellow and that they were present before the end?

Note:  My apostophe calendar says that to make a Modern or Biblical name that end in an "s" possesive, you add apostrophe "s."  To make an ancient name that ends in "s" possessive, you just an an apostrophe.  I wonder why there are two different rules.



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