Thursday, March 24, 2011

When God Mad

I was working an Emmaus Walk once as a table leader.  One of the members of my table asked me to pray with her (I may have told you this story).  She only knew a God of wrath and she wanted to know a God of grace.  She thought God was always mad at her.

On the way home this evening, Josh noticed on the satelllite radio that the display had truncated the name of the song.   It was supposed to be When God Made You.  The display would only list 12 letters, thoough, so it ended up saying "When God Mad."

Do we limit God to a God of anger?  Can we only see when God is made?  Can we only imagine him as an angry God? 

I challenge you this weekend to find the God of grace and to show him to someone else.  



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