Monday, March 28, 2011

Widow's Mite

I used this image in a presentation on Saturday.  It's an illustration of the widow's mite.  I particularly like it.

Notice how the rich people aren't even looking at her.  They are looking away.  I heard a sermon once where this story was used to illustrate how we ignore the poor among us, turning away.  Did they care for her?  Did they provide for the widow in their midst, who had nothing, but was generous to the point of extravagance?

What does it say about us? 

What does it tell us about how God would have us to act?

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Blogger Kim Sim said...

Our pastor, will teach on Luke 21:1-4. Where did you find the painting? I would like to use it if possible (on screen for perhaps 15 seconds or so), and give attribution to the artist. I try to get okays earlier than this time :-)
It is a terrific illustration, indeed.
-Kim McCoy,

2:10 AM  

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