Sunday, April 18, 2010

Acts Superlatives

For Disciple this week, we read the first part of Acts. Remember in high school or junior high, when the class elected "superlatives"? Here are some superlatives from the first part of Acts:

  • Most inspiring person -- Stephen. He was led by the Holy Spirit, filled with grace, performed signs and wonders even though Ministry of the Word wasn't his "job." He stood up for what he believed, even though it cost him his life. He spoke to that group about a vision of God and Jesus -- an action that, as Steve phrased it, was probably the straw that broke the camel's back and led to his death. As he died, he forgave them. Stephen had the "whole package."
  • Most intense -- Paul. No one could accuse Paul of less than passion for what he believed. His conversion was intense, his life before and after was intense. He was committed.
  • Most confusing -- Ananias and Sapphira. They just dropped dead in the most confusing passage in the first half of Acts.
  • Most persevering -- Mary, mother of Jesus. Even here, in Acts, after her son is killed, she is on the scene.
  • Most sad -- James. It was sad to hear of the death of James, son of Zebedee.
  • Most Scary -- Death of Herod. He was eaten by worms and died. Horror movie stuff.
  • Most willing to follow God -- Well, there are many of these, but I love the story of Ananias (the other one). God told him to go find Paul, and he did, even though he knew all about Paul. He trusted God and obeyed.
  • Most hard to convince -- Peter. Maybe not, really, but it took Peter three times to be convinced by Jesus on the seashore, and then three times with a sheet dropping from the sky to believe that God was serious about nothing be unclean that God declares unclean.
  • Most excited about following God -- the Ethiopian Eunuch. "What's to keep me from being baptized right now?" Enough said. Excited.
  • Most Happy -- the Antioch church. Wouldn't you be happy to receive the news that you didn't have to be circumcised?
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