Monday, March 08, 2010

Spiritual Disciplines

This is not what I intended to write about today, but all the things on my mind have slipped away. Hopefully, tomorrow, they will reappear. So instead, here is the Friday Five from RevGalBlogPals (which probably contains some questions I needed to answer):

  • Is there a part of your spiritual life that is dry and dusty at the moment, something that could do with a good spring clean? I keep trying to revitalize my devotional time, and I'm not have much success. I'll keep working on it. My lenten discipline wasn't working, so I threw it out and started with a new one -- one that is more defined.
  • Spiritual disciplines- life-giving/ terrifying: discuss Well, I certainly don't find them terrifying, so I would say life-giving. When I'm really committed and when I follow through, I find them great.
  • Share a practice that keeps you spiritually alive that you think others might benefit from... My Emmaus reunion group, blogging, studying for Disciple, discussions with friends
  • Alone or together, how do you pray best? I think I probably pray better alone, although I have had some wonderfully spiritual prayer experiences with other people
  • If your spiritual life were to burgeon and bloom into a spring flower what would it be and why? I'm not even sure what that means --- what spring flower would it be? I don't have any idea.

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