Saturday, March 06, 2010

My Favorite Place

At Covenant Council last night, we played an ice breaking game. Steve, the convener, passed around baskets of foil-wrapped chocolate covered eggs. The question you were to answer for the group depended upon the color of the foil on your egg. My purple egg meant that my question was, "your favorite place."

Good question. Hard one to answer. I ended up saying, "My favorite place is to be in the presence of the ones I love." It's true -- when I think about my most enjoyed places, my family and/or friends are there. So it's true, but it's not my only favorite place -- just maybe my most favorite. Others would include:

  • Dinner and a movie by myself. Quiet time on my own is also a treat for me. I've never understood why there are people who don't like to be alone in public.
  • The beach -- great place to be.
  • On the focusing side of a camera taking a picture of a beautiful place.
  • Coming out of the woods near the California coastline -- beautiful scene just emerged in front of me.
  • My desk at work.
  • Working "out" on the road
  • The Sanctuary of our church.
  • A very small chapel in First UMC, Ashland
  • The field at Spring Heights
  • Cabo de Roca, Portugal (Most western point in Europe)
  • Our kitchen
  • My spot on the couch
  • Panera
And I'm just getting started. I have many favorite places -- good thing I didn't try to mention them all yesterday.



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