Thursday, March 04, 2010

Tranformational Forgivness

Have you ever considered the transformational effect of forgiveness?

In class today we compared two scripture passages -- the one in which Peter denies Jesus three times and the one in which the resurrected Christ and Peter meet on the shore for breakfast.

Consider Peter. He has done what he promised he would not do -- what he had been absolutely certain he would never do -- betrayed Jesus. He goes back to what he knows -- fishing, rather than going forward with what Jesus has called him to do -- to be a fisher of men. He is frozen in his guilt. He cannot go forward in ministry.

Until Jesus meets in on the beach and convinces him, finally, that he is forgiven. One only has to read Acts to discover the transformational effect of forgiveness in the life of Peter.

Is that grace we can refuse to offer? Is it grace we can refuse to accept?

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Blogger bob said...

Peter denied Christ 3 times and is forgiven 3 times.

The importance of letting someone "know" they are forgiven.

4:27 AM  

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