Friday, March 05, 2010

Questions from This Evening

I'm attending Covenant Council tonight and tomorrow. A retreat center with wireless access -- that's what I call a Retreat Center. There's barely any cell phone signal, but I've got the internet.

Anyway, I was blessed to have been asked to co-lead worship this evening -- a very special blessing for me. Later, I'll post some of the liturgy.

The sermon was delivered by Dr. Lovett Weems, from Wesley Seminary. Great sermon. I'll leave you with a couple of questions from his sermon:

  • Is your church a means or the means to God's end?
  • Are there parts of your programming (or beyond that) that are just the forms left to contain power -- the power having departed for somewhere else?
  • Are you willing to wear the vision, like clothes?
  • Have you ever realized that in the middle of something, it always feels like failure? And that true hope is hope in the midst of what feels like failure?
OK, so that's four questions, not a couple of questions. But think on these things.



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