Thursday, July 13, 2017

Perspectives: View from a Lighthouse

Yesterday, I talked about how what we see is influenced by what we choose to look through. Today's picture was taken from the top of the lighthouse that is at Summersville Lake. (I talked about it here).  
It is rare that we get to see the big picture. We don't get to look forward and see what the future holds. We rarely get to see the entire past - the whole of what has come before. We don't get to see into people's minds or their experiences or their thoughts (thank goodness - I don't really want other people to see that of me!). God rarely even gives us a glimpse of the good that one of our actions might have accomplished. The view we have is limited.

The truth is - and it's a truth that sometimes we forget - we are not God. God is God. God is able to see the whole picture. We should stop feeling guilty that we can't, and stop judging others when they can't. We should just accept the forgiveness offered and then pass it along.



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