Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What we are looking through

One Sunday, our senior pastor, Terry Deane, led the Children's moment. She had two pairs of glasses - one was a pair of sunglasses - made what you see dark. The other was a pair of glasses that enhanced the light around you. What you choose to look through influences what you see.

What do we look through? What attitudes, experiences, or beliefs color the way we see the world? It's true of everybody - everyone is biased by their lives. The question is - are you aware of it? Do you know what influences how you interpret what you see? Are you cognizant of the judgments you make, the conclusions you draw and how they are impacted by what you bring that is independent of what you are seeing?

Perhaps one of the ways we love other people is to become aware of our own biases and set them aside. Perhaps we allow the faith we have and the love of God we are called to share to color what we see.



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