Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Perspectives: Lighthouse

See what I did a couple of weekends ago? I climbed a lighthouse. It was great - 10 stories up, and I could see all around the mountains and lakes of West Virginia.

What? Where? Yes, a lighthouse in West Virginia. It's the only one. Imagine that. Who would expect that? It was constructed from the bottom of a wind mill (wind turbine - I don't know - whatever those large wind-powered towers are on the mountains around here). The "poll" was purchased as scrap metal and the owners of the campground created a lighthouse out of it. It has an actual light - from a nearby airport, circa the 20's or 30's - that airplanes can use as a marker. Summersville Lake is nearby, but no boat is in danger of going a ground, here, so boats don't need it. Ha!

It's certainly not something you would expect to see in West Virginia. And I love that.

Read this quote from Searching For Sunday by Rachel Held Evans: "It seems those most likely to miss God's work in the world are those most convinced they know exactly what to look for, the ones who expect God to play by the rules."

Do we miss God's lighthouses because we would never expect God to build one there? May God open our eyes to see his unexpected work among us.

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