Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Wayside Shrines

Wayside shrines - "Often erected on highways that lead to popular pilgrimage sites, wayside shrines resemble birdhouses or tabernacles and, according to my guidebook, 'provide a place for travelers to stop and offer praise, turning heart and mind to God.' They signal to the pilgrim that he's on the right path and invite him to worship right where he is."  Searching for Sunday, Rachel Held Evans

The image of these wayside shrines in my mind prompted me to consider the idea that all of us are pilgrims on a journey. We are hoping to follow God - as Christians, we desire to walk in Christ's footsteps through life, living a life that is obedient to God. We search for God's will and direction; we are nurtured by God's love for us. We strive to be a light to others.

What are the wayside shrines on our journey? 

I spoke with a potential donor last week. She called because she wants to leave a gift in her will to a trust that has already been established in her parents' memory. She told me that she was calling because God was prompting her to do so.

I was able to tell her that the spouse of one of her father's teachers had emailed us the week before to ask if we knew where the man's adult children lived because she had a file of information concerning their father to give them.

While the potential donor didn't call it a wayside shrine, she spoke of it as one. It was confirmation for her that she was on the right path - that God was leading her and she was following.

What are the wayside shrines in your life? Where have you encountered them? Do you see them? Do you give thanks for them?

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