Monday, July 03, 2017

Perspectives: Kindness

I don't know why I wanted to take a picture of this mail box, but sometimes, something I see says, "Take my picture and write a blog post about me!" So I do.

This is in the post office across the street from our offices. It reminds me of a time when I wrote letters. Actual letters. Not emails. Not texts. Not even cards. Actual, newsy letters. I wasn't a great letter writer - I procrastinated when it was "my turn" to write, but it was how my dad and I kept in touch as I was growing up. We wrote each other letters. 

I remember Steve telling the story (and I remember his mother telling it) that when she was in Europe, living there with George and later with George, Bob and Steve, she wrote a letter every day. One day she would write to her mother; the next day she would write to George's mother (her mother-in-law). 

I like digital. I like the convenience of email, of texting, of picking up the phone. I don't want to go back to not having that, but there is a certain kindness that is involved in letter writing. Writing a letter is more trouble; when you get one, you know that the person sat down and invested time in contact you. So this is my question: How do we maintain that kind of kindness in our digital world?

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