Thursday, July 20, 2017

Another Bird Lesson

Another bird lesson.

When we are sitting outside, watching the birds, they do come to the feeder. They arrive one or two at a time, sharing the space. Some act a little skittish, flying toward the feeders and then "spinning" in the air, to return to the nearby trees, perhaps spooked by our presence. I'm always amazed, though, that many of them are brave enough to ignore us, and enjoy the seed with us sitting no more than five or six feet away.

But then, we get up and go inside, carrying our dishes to the kitchen, and the birds gather at the feeders. I can stand in our kitchen and watch them. They come from all directions and take their places, feasting.

Remember the book, "A Purpose Driven Life?" I think it's that one - the first line of the book is "It's not about you." When we step out of the way - either physically, emotionally, or intellectually - interesting things can happen. When we give up control, and move out of the way, ministry can happen. God can work - sometimes through us, and sometimes around us. But we have to allow it.

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