Monday, July 17, 2017

Eyes Open for God

You may have noticed - and if you haven't yet, I'm sure you will - that there are lots of birds posted on the blog lately. Steve and I have once again filled our bird feeders, and the birds have arrived. In order to play with my camera (and to provide motivations to do so), I posted a bird image each day in June on Facebook. I've queued those up to appear here as well.

We're able to sit outside on our patio, and watch the birds while we eat dinner. It's wonderful. I've noticed a few things that remind me of faith. 

When  you open your eyes, you see. Sounds simple, but we don't always realize it, I think. As we watch the birds, we see birds - they come in droves to our feeders. But that's not the only place we see them. We see them on the apple tree in our side yards, in the oak tree in our neighbor's yard, in the woods behind our house, in the sky above our yard. As we watch the birds, our eyes are open to them EVERYWHERE. I think that if we weren't watching for them, we would never see them. 

It's like that with God, I think. When we watch; when we believe that we will see God, we do. Everywhere.



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