Thursday, May 04, 2017


How about this quote (remembering that the word "spirit," in Hebrew and Greek, means breath):
" speak of your spirit (or soul) is to speak of the power of life that is in you.  When your spirit is unusually strong, the life in your unusually alive, you can breathe it out into other lives, become literally in-spiring."  (Wishful Thinking, Frederick Buechner)
The have that kind of passion for life, to be that in-spiring, is wonderful. To feel alive, to be alive, to bring life to others might be the purpose of life. It might be what Jesus means when he says to love each other.

What about the church? Are we yet alive? I believe that the church can be in-spiring. The church can be so alive, so powerful with the spirit of God - the spirit of life - that it is unusal. It is amazing. It can bring life to others. The church, because of the work of God in the lives of those who make up the Body of Christ, can be in-spiring.

How can we be alive today? How can we invite God into our churches so that we feel SO ALIVE that life and love can't be contained, and have to pour out on those around us.

If we can allow God to do that, then we can stop worrying about numbers. 

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