Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Perspectives: Light in Darkness

I took this picture as I approached a church building for a meeting one evening. The church is not in a city - it's in an area of West Virginia that has fewer street lights, fewer lights from other buildings. It sits close to the road but set back a little bit, on a rise. It's a beautiful place.

As I approached it, I was struck by the light shining at the door. A light in darkness. I took the picture because I was convinced that this is what a church should be - a light in darkness.

How can the church do that? How can we, as part of the body of Christ, as individuals, shine that light?

Imagine, for a moment, being in darkness - whether real darkness, or the darkness of being lost, being afraid, being hurt, being alone, and finding a light. What does it mean to those in darkness to have the darkness lifted? What has it meant for you? What will it mean for others?

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