Friday, May 05, 2017

Logos: Psalm 23

Inspired by Psalm 23

The Lord, my Lord
is a shepherd. My shepherd.
I need shepherding.
I need guidance and direction.
If I will listen, I will find all I need.
If I follow.

The Lord, my Lord
offers peace. Silence. Stillness.
When I need it,
whether I want it or not,
in him I will find it.
And my spirit will be restored.
My soul will find living water.
When I walk on the path
where he leads me.

The Lord, my Lord
When night closes in,
when darkness is all I can see,
I am not alone.
The shepherd finds me.
I do not have to be afraid.
The guidance and the protection
of the Lord 
bring comfort.
Bring light, if I will open my eyes.
I need not be afraid.

The Lord, my Lord
is a God of abundance.
Is a God of mercy.
Is a God of steadfast loyalty and love.
Even when I can find no love,
No friendship,
No support,
God provides.
I am healed; I am made whole.
I am not alone.

The Lord, my Lord
is a God of mercy and grace,
Limitless goodness.
I am pursued.
I am surrounded.
I am never lost.
With my God, I am. 


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