Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I am United Methodist. I haven't always been United Methodist; I was baptized a Presbyterian, but I came to the United Methodist church in high school, joined the church, and have belonged ever since. 

What does it mean to belong to the United Methodist church? Now that I do what I do for a living, I am privileged to share the word of God standing in pulpits other than the one in the church where I attend. Every time - every single time - God reminds me that I belong to something bigger than my own local church. We are connected. The church I'm standing in is my own, as much as my own is.

I was reading a Facebook post from Director of Communications of the West Virginia Annual Conference. She wrote that she had heard the head of United Methodist Commission on Relief speak. Dr. Simbo Ige said, "When there's a disaster, a need for hope and healing, there is UMCOR, UMCOR is church, UMCOR is United Methodist, UMCOR is you."  When disaster strikes in Japan, and UMCOR responses, it means I am there. When flooding hits West Virginia, and UMCOR sends help, it means the United Methodist in Japan is there.

This is what it means when we say, "I am the church - you are the church - we are the church, together." We are connected through the Body of Christ, and I think this is something the United Methodist Church does very well.

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