Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Perspectives: Notes

It seems I'm continuing the series of posts in the "here is a picture I took in the Lady's Room."  Sorry!

Take a look at this image.

There is a little shelf the women's room where I work. I've noticed that in the past few weeks, it has been moving around the room. One day it might be where it has been for probably over ten years. Another day it will be under the sink. Another day it might be between the two spots. I haven't thought much about it other than to wonder why it kept moving.

One day the first sign appeared. All capital letters / red ink: "STOP MOVING THINGS.  THANK YOU!!!"   Of course, I took a picture, because I thought it was a great commentary of how we are in the church.  Stop changing what we know!

And then, later that day, a second sign appeared, on the back of the first one:
Who put this sing here? Table moved to accommodate lady on walker!!! Besides this table belongs to someone ... don't be so ugly!
And a smiley face.

Now we're having arguments via notes. 
  • I wonder sometimes if there are better ways to deal with conflict in the church - or anywhere. 
  • I wonder sometimes if we fail to see the big picture. I work in the office with the lady on the walker, and never considered that the shelf was moving to accommodate her, and I imagine the person who wrote the first note didn't consider that, either.

Change is hard. We don't know what we don't know. And sometimes we are not always patient with each other.

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