Wednesday, April 12, 2017

For God So Loved her, Part 3

Adapted from a sermon I preached in Ona a few weeks ago...

What is living water? This woman – all of us – have a thirst we cannot quench on our own. It is a thirst for the presence of God – what one author called a thirst for the soul of God. And God is the one who can satisfy that thirst. God is the source of living water.

How can Jesus offer her – or offer us – living water? He can do it because he is God. Jesus offers her living water, and then shows her what will convince her that he is God – that’s why he tells her about her life. And when she speaks of the Messiah, he says, “I am he.” Or just “I am.” Sound familiar? This is the first of many I am statement from Jesus recorded in John, and it echoes God’s conversation with Moses from the burning bush. Tell them I am. Jesus is revealing to this woman that he is the messiah – that he is God – and then offering her the love of God – living water.

Barriers are nothing. God loves this woman, and he has sent his son to her, not to condemn her, but to offer her eternal life.

And what difference does it make in her life – every difference in the world. So much so that she goes back to town, and tells everyone what has happened, and then walks back to the well, so that those in her town can meet God. Jesus has made such a difference in her life that she can’t help but spread the news!

What difference does this make in our lives? Do we recognize the difference? And how can we keep from running to people and telling them about it?

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