Monday, July 18, 2016

Shift of the Axis

Did you know that every 13 years, the world shifts on its axis? I guess in astronomical terms, it's a small shift, and yet, if we ignored it, our clocks would be off - and they would be off by a significant amount over time. At the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, there is a radio telescope that monitors the shifting of the earth's axis, and that data is used to adjust the "official" time kept by - well, by whoever keeps the official time.

A life of faith is like that. Prayer is our connection to God, and by continually connecting with God, we are able to make adjustments to the places where our axis has shifted. Without the continual checking, we would drift radically off the path God has set for us. Our life would be off its "axis." We might not notice the drift, but it would happen, slowly and imperceptibly.

So, God have given us the grace of prayer to reconnect - to re-orient ourselves. Repentance - a turning around - brings us back to a "right" position on our axis.



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