Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Radio Signals

Still thinking about radio telescopes. They are used to detect naturally-occurring radio light from stars. The website I'm reading says:
Naturally-occurring radio waves are extremely weak by the time they reach us from space. A cell phone signal is a billion billion times more powerful than the cosmic waves our telescopes detect.
There is a denomination that uses the phrase, "God is still speaking" in it's web presence (and perhaps elsewhere). I believe that. I imagine you do, too. Do you ever find that while you believe God is still speaking, and can be a challenge to hear him? This phrase from the telescope page struck me, because this is how it is with God, sometimes - even though I know God's voice is so much stronger than a cell phone signal, I can't hear it.

If you visit the radio telescope at Greenbanks, WV, you enter a quiet zone (at least, your cell phone does). There is no signal to be had in that area of the mountains (which is one of the reasons it was chosen for the observatory. Not only that, but other sources of radio waves are either masked or eliminated. The nearby school's microwave is kept shielded. Digital cameras and spark plugs (in vehicles) are prohibited near the telescope. The scientists are trying to eliminate all distractions from the signals they are recording.

Maybe there is a lesson in that for us. I don't meant that we should live in a quiet zone, free from distractions. We are called to ministry in the world, and we should BE in the world. I mean that there may be times we need to retreat from distractions, and listen for God.



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