Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Child-like Faith: Eager for New Adventures

I remember, years ago - 2004? - we took the boys to dinner and told them that we were going to go to Disney World. For them, the possibility was a complete surprise. They had no idea of even the possibility of such a trip.

Were they excited? Yes, yes they were. I realize that the idea of a trip to Disney is exciting just because of the destination, but also, the boys had the sense of a new adventure. They were ready.

With children, there isn't the worries of how will we pack, how will we pay for it, how will we get there, how will we take time off, how will we take care of our pets - none of what bothers adults. There is just an eagerness for a new adventure.

Do we have that as children of faith? Do we have an eagerness for new adventures with God? Do we look forward to where God will take us, without worrying about carrying extra sandals or finding a place to stay (thinking of the 70 Jesus sent out).

An eagerness for a new adventure opens us up to experience it. Thinking of it as an adventure means that we aren't worrying about what it will be or where we will go. The word adventure hints of excitement - and it builds our own attitude towards what will happen.

How would your faith life be different if you anticipated what God will do in your life as an adventure?



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