Thursday, June 09, 2016

Pray, Church!

We are called to get so involved in the work of prayer that we are praying as James calls us to pray.  Pray for the suffering and show them love.  Pray for the sick and bring them comfort.  Pray for the lost and lonely, and bring them back to community.  Anoint the ill and discover the power of God working through you.  Pray, and be transformed.  We cannot get this close to God and avoid it.  Prayer changes the church.

Think for a moment about your life as a church.  Where can you bring this God-empowered act of prayer into your community?  Are there those who are alone and sick, separated from the church?  Can you go visit them?  Are there those who are suffering - in fear or doubt? Can you go pray with them?  Can you find opportunities to reach out to people in need during a dinner on Wednesday nights or during choir practice or at vacation bible school?  Where are you as a church, and where can you bring God's power, as God's partner in divine work?

Our life as a church is cross-shaped.  Love God, love God's children.  The end of James is only the beginning.  Go into the world, and pray.

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