Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Flying Pigs

Greenbank Telescope
(bigger than the one with the ball bearing)
This past weekend, Steve and I traveled around the state, visiting various state parks and interesting sites. We had breakfast at a restaurant in Thomas, WV called Flying Pigs. I wish I could quote the reason for the name that was printed on the menu, but I only have the essence of it. Opening a restaurant - any restaurant - is a risk. I imagine opening one in Thomas is even more a risk - it might even be called an impossible dream. But it's a great place to eat, and because of the tourist trade in the area, it was full of people. Great food - go there, if you get a chance. 

Later the next day, we toured the National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Greenback, WV. So interesting! The tour guide, who had just finished his undergraduate work and is hoping to do graduate work in astronomy, told us that one of the telescopes contains the largest ball bearing the world. It was manufactured in Pennsylvania. As it was transported to Greenback, all of the bridges along the way had to be reinforced. It had to pass through a tunnel with only 3 inches of total clearance. Inside the the telescope, the ball bearing floats in oil. Imagine that - something so large that it sets the world record, and so heavy that bridges had to be reinforced - floats. To me it was a flying pig.

What are your flying pigs? What seems as impossible to you as a floating ball bearing that is over 17 feet in diameter? Is your God up to the task?



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